Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Land Shark - Road Shark

Follow the links for some history on LandShark Road bicycles

Land Shark Road Shark Road Bike

Amazing original paint job with little sharks throughout, really a work of art

Made in USA

lugged high end steel,

62cm seat tube

Campagnolo Record shifters, rear derailleur, seat post

Dura Ace Brakes, front derailleur

700c Mavic Wheels, Mavic Hubs, Mavic Crank set, bottom bracket, headset

Cinelli Stem and Handle bars

Turbo Saddle

Trek cycle computer

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pennys Slight - Weight 3

This is an early 70's bicycle sold at Pennys department stores. Not sure were they were made, but like many department store bike's of the 70's they were either made in Europe or in the USA. There is a BMA sticker that stands for the Bicycle Manufacturer Association of America. "BMA/6 certification" evolved from a Consumer Products Safety Commission's 1970s attempt to try to protect children from Dangerous Things". Reflectors were one of the items that began sprouting up on the newly certified bikes.

The bike came equipped with an early Shimano internal 3 speed that still functioned very well. 26x1-3/4" wheels. As with the many AMF, Huffy, Sears, Free Spirit, Schwinn 3 speed town bikes these are heavy "light weight" bicycles. The style is a copy of the popular roadster made popular in Europe. They make great around town bikes and usually respond well to being loaded with racks and baskets to carry items. The upright sitting position makes them comfortable providing a cruiser style ride, while the skinnier tires provide much quicker traveling speeds.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Huffy 512st road bike

This is a 1980's Huffy road bike. Made in the USA. Most Huffy were affordable lower end bicycles. You could say they were built for the person than wanted to get into the sport for cheap, and would likely leave the sport and move on to something else. For that reason many of these bikes were seen as disposable. Luckily that distinction makes them good bikes to have in a neighborhood where you might be afraid of your bike getting stolen. The steel frame absorbs most road shock, as do the steel wheels. Like old Schwinn bikes they could last a fairly good while with maintenance. Usually the first thing to go are any plastic pieces such as plastic shifters. For that reason, single speed conversions are often a good choice for these old road bikes. They are simplified and made more efficient. This particular Huffy is a 10 speed equipped with 26"x1-3/8" wheels.

Univega GranTech 6400

The Univega GranTech 6400 was near top of the line in the Univega line up when it came out. This particular bike is equipped with
A full Shimano 600 group (hubs, crank set, brake set, derailleurs, shifters, head set)
700c Mavic reflex sup rims
Phil Wood bottom bracket
Turbo Special saddle
CT Japan handle bars
The frame is constructed of Chromoly rear seat and chain stays with the top and down tube made of aluminum tubes bonded. The late 80's and early 90's saw a lot of experimentation with utilizing different materials to build frames. Trek came out with their 2300 carbon tubes bonded to aluminum lugs and Vitus was building full aluminum bonded bicycles. Often a problem with the Trek and Vitus bikes was a significant amount of flex in the frame as the bike became older or was heavily used. Some owners experienced the stays un-bonding. Univega and raleigh (Technium) on the other hand decided to keep the strength and comfort of chromoly where most of the forces are experienced on the bicycle frame and simply made the top and down tubes aluminum to reduce weight. Only Univega decided to go with the naked look. The bike was equipped with 14 speeds with indexed shifters. Some of the best down tube shifters before the switch to integrated brake / shifter lever combinations. There was little difference between Shimano 600 (first generation Ultegra) and Dura-ace in performance except in perhaps a few grams. Bicycles such as this were the choice of many amateur racers in the late 80's to early 90's.

1970's Free Spirit Three Speed

This is a 1970's Free Spirit Three Speed step through frame. These frames are commonly women's bike frames because it is easier to mount the bike in a 'lady' like manner. Most of these bicycles were produced over seas for Sears & Roebuck Co. and sold at Sears department stores. They where equipped with 26"x1-3/8" wheels and Shimano 3-speed rear hub and shifter. They were built out of very tough tubing, making for a heavy lightweight bike. These bicycles often make great short distance commuters and cruisers due to the option of having gears and their relaxed upright riding position. The components are rudimentary but get the job done and will remain reliable with proper maintenance. The pictured bicycle is completely original.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Speedy Cycle 3 speed

This Is a Speedy Cycle women's 3 speed bicycle. The bicycle was made in Japan, judging from the components it places it somewhere in the 1950's-60's. The bicycle is equipped with 26 x 1 - 1/4" wheels and an internal 3 speed hub shifted through a grip shifter mounted on the handlebars. I could not find any information on Speed Cycle, but it appears this bike was registered in Los Angeles some time after it was purchased. The bicycle appears to be all original with exception of the rear tire. The bicycle rode and shifted without any issues in it's current condition which is amazing considering it's age and rough looks.